Caring for our Patient’s Best Friend

Liana, Stephen and Cameron at the doorstep with gifts for Harry

Liana, Stephen and Cameron at the doorstep with gifts for Harry

VNA of Middlesex-East is pleased to be part of a special project sponsored by a nonprofit called Aaron’s Presents.  The organization helps children in the 8th grade and below carry out an idea of their own that benefits at least one other person, animal, or the environment.  It encourages children to see community service not as an occasional obligation but part of a larger purpose.

As part of the program three Reading students, Liana, Stephen, and Cameron, came up with an idea that benefitted both individual and animal when they decided they would like to put together care packages for the pets of people who are sick.  They hoped that their pet care packages would relieve patients’ worries that their ‘best friend and companion’ is still getting attention while they deal with their own illness.

Our patient James Maguire and his dog Harry were the first to benefit from the children’s thoughtfulness.  Their visit to the patient’s home was welcomed by both owner and pet.  Mr. Maguire enjoyed conversation with the children while his dog Harry played with a basketful of new treats and toys.  The children gain wisdom from Mr. Maguire – “don’t smoke cigarettes!” – and learned about his work as a music teacher.  Mr. Maguire enjoyed the youthful company and was thankful for the attention paid to Harry.  A great success all around for the children’s act of kindness.

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